Terms & Conditions


Present Terms & Conditions are used by:

Johan van Hasseltweg 27
1021KN Amsterdam
KVK nummer: 3376220. The BTW-number (Dutch VAT) of gsus is: NL805593020B01


In these General Conditions used words, singular or plural, that start with a capital letter, are defined below in this article.

1.1 General Conditions: Present general conditions.
1.2 Order procedure: The procedure that the Customer goes through in an interactive way at the Website when ordering Products.
1.3 Customer: The other party who enters into an agreement with gsus.
1.4 Contract: Contract of which the Terms &l Conditions are an integral part of the sale and delivery of the Products.
1.5 Parties: gsus and Customer.
1.6 gsus: The party that operates the Terms & Conditions, also the opposing party of Customer. 
1.7 Website: the website of gsus, to be found under the URL: http://www.g-sus.com and www.g-sus.nl
1.8 Products: Fashion that gsus offers on her Website, which Customer can order.


2.1 The Terms & Conditions are applicable to all Contracts, possible (email) newsletters, the Website, the Order procedure, as well as contacts and/or (juristic) acts between Parties, also when these (juristic) acts could not lead to a Contract.

2.2 Appropriateness of general delivery or payment conditions and/or other special conditions of Customer are expressly exclusive

Article 3 Realization Contract

3.1 The Products as offered on the Website with accompanying prices and offers can be accepted by the Customer without obligations by completing the entire Order procedure on the Website.

3.2 gsus does not guarantee that the offers, as referred to before, are without mistakes and / or omissions. Misprints are expressly reserved and can be a foundation for not accepting the Contract. If gsus decides so, she will immediately inform the Customer with this.

3.3 If for any reason the Contract is not established or disbanded, under which is included the situation as referred to in the preceding subsection, gsus bears the responsibility for the Customer who paid in advance. The refunding of the paid amount by the Customer will take place as soon as is possible for gsus, including the initial shipping costs. This refund will at least take place within 30 (thirty) days.


4.1 Prices as stated on the Website are inclusive VAT. Any other mandatory charges are already included in the price. The prices are exclusive shipping costs. The Customer will be charged for these during the Order procedure.

4.2 gsus is authorized to adjust the prices at any time. With price changes, the latter has no consequences for current Contracts, which will be executed for the prices that were agreed upon.

4.3 The due amounts can be paid by the Customer in two ways:
a. by means of electronic prepayment (iDeal);
b. by means of a creditcard.


5.1 The delivery periods as stated on the Website as well as in confirmation emails are indicative. In case our delivery time is delayed it will be noticed in your shopping cart.

5.2 gsus will make a supreme effort to achieve these indicative stated delivery periods.

5.3 If and as far as gsus cannot deliver the ordered Products to Customer within 30 (Thirty) days, the Customer has the right to cancel the Contract, after gsus informed not being able to execute the Contract within the stated period. Then, Article 3.3 is in accordance application.


6.1 The Customer has the right to return the delivered Products to gsus within fourteen (14) days after receipt, without providing reasons (so without having to fill in the complaint form as stated in article 7.1). However, this in under the condition that:

a. The Products are returned at the expense of the Customer, not sufficiently stamped packages will not be accepted by gsus; 
b. The Customer itself is responsible for the way of shipment and for the risk of the package –and this responsibility and the risk herewith is accepted by Customer- until gsus received it.

6.2 The revocation counts as disbanding value whereby the Customer has the right to refund of which is already paid. With revocation, article 3.3 is in accordance application.


7.1 If and as far as the Customer believes the characteristics of the Products do not satisfy the expectation, the Customer may consult gsus. Thereafter, the Customer has the right to return the Products to gsus under condition that:

a. The Customer has inspected the Product after receipt and has contacted gsus by email or telephone within a qualified period. After receiving this e-mail gsus will confirm the receipt of the email to the Customer.
b. The complaint form, which can be requested/downloaded on the website www.g-sus.com, filled in completely and send by email to support@g-sus.com.
c. We are never required to pay any compensation for damages or consequential damages caused by the delivery of a defective item.
d. The Customer is responsible for the way of shipment and for the risk of the package.This means that the Customer is responsible for the package until gsus received it.

7.2 If investigation carried out by gsus proves that the Products do comply with the Contract, gsus will consult with Customer.

7.3 If investigation of gsus indeed proves that the characteristics of the Products do not comply with the Contract, the Customer has the right to a substitute product, if still available, and refund of the shipping costs as stated under b of article 7.1. Might the substitute product not be available, the Customer has the right to:

a. Selecting a substitute product of the same value as Product which did not turn out to be satisfactory. If the selected product is more expensive than the Product which did not turn out to be satisfactory, the Customer will contribute the difference in price. If the selected product is cheaper than the Product that did not turn out to be satisfactory, the Customer will receive the difference in price, where the last sentence of article 3.3 is in accordance application;.

7.4 When speaking of the value of the Product in the preceding subsection, it will be based on the price that is agreed upon in the Contract.

7.5 During the period, as stated in article 6.1, the Customer may also use the right as given in that article. Ultimately, it is for both Customer and provider easiest if the offered return form is used.

Article 8 Processing Personal Data

8.1 If and as far as personal data of Customer is processed, this processing is merely about:

a. Executing and giving shape to the Contract;
b. Subject to the limitation of the following subsection, informing the Customer with (new) Products and services of gsus

8.2 For sending commercial expressions via electronic way to the Customers (for example, but not exclusively, email newsletters and SMS messages) as stated in preceding subsection under b, the Customer is asked for permission during the Order procedure, and only when this permission is given by the Customer, gsus will send these expressions.

8.3 The Customer has the right to inspect her personal data free of charge and at all times and permits gsus to adjust these data if required when inaccuracies occur.


9.1 The Dutch legislation is applicable to the Contract and to Contracts resulting from this.

9.2 If and as far as a complaint comes up, the Customer contacts gsus, which can be done by telephone, in writing and electronic. The contact data which can be used for this are given at the top of present Terms & Conditions. gsus will react to a complaint not later than within 30 (thirty) days as stated for this.

9.3 Customer can present the dispute –if and as far as Parties cannot solve the dispute themselves- to a competent judge in Rotterdam, under which included the provisionary judge of this District Court, adjudicating in an interlocutory proceeding.


10.1 gsus is authorized to adjust present Terms & Conditions at all times. After change of the Terms & Conditions, current Terms & Conditions will be executed with the old conditions that was agreed upon.

10.2 The Customer bears the responsibility for the, by gsus provided, log in data for the order procedure. These data are strictly personal and may not be assigned under any circumstances. The Customer himself is responsible for the consequences of the careful handling of these data.